Network Infra & Implementation

50 kilometres WiFi Adventure

We have placed orders for 4 sets of customized wireless equipments and 4 pairs of high gain antennas in hope to create a 50 kilometres WiFi link. I would like to test which setup combinations work, and if they all do, We would want to know which one works best. For each combination, We will test their performance when there's a clear line of sight between these 2 end points, when there's nLOS (near line-of-sight), and NLOS (no line-of-sight).

In order to get that 50 kilometres link, We plan to test it on an island-to-mainland connection. After some (virtual) surveying, We figure out the best end sites would be Coral Bay of Pulau Perhentian Kecil, and Pantai Sabak (my hometown, of course).

To give some ideas of how the link would be like, do take a look at these screenshots


To do the testing, people will need to be assigned at both ends to do necessary setups and antenna alignment. While things will be stationary at the Coral Bay's site, those at the mainland would be mobile; they'll be on a road trip from Kampung Raja, Terengganu to Pantai Sabak, Kelantan. The mainland's mobile team will stop at few checkpoints to test the connection at various distances, starting with 17km Coral Bay -> Kampung Raja link, If the link is a success, the team will move to another checkpoint, and test the link, till they find distance limit of the link, or reaching the final checkpoint, whichever comes first.